(for you, Leo)

Feel as tho
I'm drowning
at times
bobbing up & down
don't you know
what a single word
expression, sound
can do?
I think you can
see the effects
of fright
of freezing and the ultimate flight
as I go thru my changes
and you do thru yours
life rearranges
and I get weary of the spiraling road
turn, and burns
can heal with time
if we can find it
eighth note triplets,
quarters or whatever

Reel to Reel

No more glorious receptions
for you
the decptions
are real
The morning is almost here
and the sun is setting
purple red
somewhere else

You can't play with me baby
till they write the rules
the script has been changed
no ones seen the maid
my body seeks yours
and love hides in funny places


i say loneliness
yes i've known loneliness
and it's know me
and love
is hiding away from her
The bitch
home sweet home and blue

like a mama lion
walking down the street
int he heat of summer
sweet dreams
and i just want
to feel real fine again

The Refrigerator Poem

The whole reason
why this is all so weird
is that i can't
hug you or kiss you
everytime i want to
like for instance
the other day
when you were
standing in front
of the refrigerator
like you always do
i would've
undressed you
if only
i felt
with just that

Come on sun

hurt & worth
and words like
value and importance
and matters of consequence
they sure sound good
but all I want from you now
is some solace
all i want is
for you to tell me
what's for breakfast
don't let me starve
there's a loaf of bread
or two unbaked
waiting too
wanting too


It walked right up
to me, tapped me
on the shoulder
and forced me to look
into its smiling face again
those feelings
forced into
the open air and sun
and then those teeth
those shining smiling teeth
came down so fast
into the soft flesh
of my neck and shoulder
that the air was
suddenly cold
as the blood
dripped down
onto the pavement
and it was night

R. Laban

Yo Ro

When I was a kid
i used to hesitate
couldn't roller skate
i don't like
to talk on the phone
now and I know
you can't possible
give me what i want
a blood transfusuion
every 24 hours
is alot to ask
but as the pain
increases and subsides
i realize many things
about my being
about my self

Gypsy girl

Dance, Dance
little gypsy girl
While you got a chance
prance, prance
black & white bay
and gallopping bison